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11990439_1144370202244417_5893279826454087353_ni came to realize that life is most beautiful and enjoyable exactly when it is lived with abundance of LOVE’N’LAUGH: love-letters, fun stories and joking moments, smiling faces because of your favorite food, loving feelings towards nature, to others and yes: also towards yourself, and so on and so on, you know best what i am talking about… and for me yoga is an interconnected part of LOVE’N’LAUGH, too.

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yoga – a universal concept for really anyone, at anytime and anywhere – is meant to connect the elements of body, mind and soul of the practitioner.

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ozgur 34 and michel 28: LOVE-LIFE-YOGA STUDENTS that are like “yoga husbands” for each other as the sweet meghan currie called their friendship!!!

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beautifullest people when leaving to ...i am very much interested in a deep personal self actualization and therefore i am more than glad to have found yoga – it really goes very deep … – and also being able to have the trust of my family and my friends to let me follow my journey, and find my own way to india. since i really like to get to know new people and unknown landscapes i am moving around just by hitchhiking. i know that it works and that the people i’ll meet will be really awesome and great teachers along the way…

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